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mastersome changesHaoran S. Diao (刁浩然)6 days
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6 dayssome changesHEADmasterHaoran S. Diao (刁浩然)
2022-05-03ChangesHaoran S. Diao (刁浩然)
2022-02-08Added GTK2 theme instructions/settings for qt5 and 6Haoran S. Diao (刁浩然)
2022-02-08Changed lemonbar to go off root partition and not home partition for storageHaoran S. Diao (刁浩然)
2022-02-08Updated README according to new structureHaoran S. Diao (刁浩然)
2022-02-08reorganized and moved deprecated filesHaoran S. Diao (刁浩然)
2022-02-08Made changes to suite new installHaoran S. Diao (刁浩然)
2022-02-06Made modifications to suite new update of dunstHaoran S. Diao (刁浩然)
2022-02-05New update of lemonbar made the offset unnecessaryHaoran S. Diao (刁浩然)
2022-02-01removed brightness binding, added bindings for 60% keyboardHaoran S. Diao