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masteradded LICENSE b/c of Terminus.ttfHaoran S. Diao3 years
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2019-04-12added LICENSE b/c of Terminus.ttfHEADmasterHaoran S. Diao
2017-03-10added magic code for second shader, prepared to be for shadow rendering, adde...knolax
2017-03-01fixed reflection shading and added colored light.knolax
2017-03-01changed the elevation texture and switched the diffuse/reflect value positionsknolax
2017-02-28textures loaded properly now but without functional alpha layer.knolax
2017-02-23implemented depth testing and disabled blending for nowknolax
2017-02-22implemented phoung shading and surrounding infrastructure, gen.cpp compiles a...knolax
2017-02-16initial commitknolax