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2019-06-05Made it less cringeyHEADmasterHaoran S. Diao
2019-05-05Changed colorscheme to something more accessibleHaoran S. Diao
2019-05-03Removed Matrix from homepage and added notice that my synapse has been takenHaoran S. Diao
2019-03-17fixed up index.htmlHaoran S. Diao
2019-03-17updated mit page, added page on new matrix homeserverHaoran S. Diao
2019-03-09added page for MIT countdown clockHaoran S. Diao
2019-02-13added gitignoreHaoran S. Diao
2019-02-13Fixed key pageHaoran S. Diao
2019-02-07Added link to systemd unit file tutorialHaoran S. Diao
2019-02-07Fixed a typoHaoran S. Diao
2019-01-31Updated something in the instructionsHaoran S. Diao
2019-01-31updated workflow instructionsHaoran S. Diao
2019-01-24added push instructions to the workflow pageHaoran S. Diao
2019-01-24changed an errorHaoran S. Diao
2019-01-24added workflow pageHaoran S. Diao
2019-01-24fixed title centeringHaoran S. Diao
2019-01-24added CSC project instructions/specificationsHaoran S. Diao
2018-12-27added fixed? tarHaoran S. Diao
2018-12-27added sneepsnoop giftHaoran S. Diao
2018-12-05Updated Public KeyHaoran S. Diao
2018-07-25changed faviconknolax
2018-07-25added logo to homepageknolax
2018-06-27added some margins on the bottom of pagesknolax
2018-06-27changed main page links to httpsknolax
2018-06-27added description for cgitknolax
2018-06-27removed reference of github hostingknolax
2018-06-27changed layout of the home pageknolax
2018-06-27added 'Moving this site'knolax
2018-06-26cosmetic change to indexknolax
2018-06-26added page for public keyknolax
2018-06-26added plaintext public keyknolax
2018-06-26removed stalker.html source from git repoknolax
2018-06-26generated new pages that reflect the previous commitsknolax
2018-06-26made footer src tags point to complete https links, made footer point to meta2knolax
2018-06-26fixed links to new point to new host/ be httpsknolax
2018-06-26deleted stalkerknolax
2018-06-26added links to git repos, mastodon and public keys to homepageknolax
2018-03-26added network pdf, WIPknolax
2018-03-26changed network writeup to an actual pdfknolax
2018-03-15changed contact emailknolax
2018-03-07Added plans for earbuds, updates for CSC membersknolax
2018-02-27actually adds the doodles`knolax
2018-02-27added slow image warningknolax
2018-02-27added pages for doodlesknolax
2018-02-27changed font to adjust dynamically, as opposed to dynamically centering. This...knolax
2018-02-21added page for CSC.knolax
2018-02-09removed joke pageknolax
2018-02-09added orion exit rationale.knolax
2018-01-26changed formattingknolax