Control Systems Club                                                   2-21-2018
What is Control Systems Club?
	Control Systems Club is a club focussed on research projects related to
robotics, mechatronics, programming, electronics and more. The purpose of this
club is to provide a structured way for us to work and collaborate. I know that
I struggle with finishing my projects when there is no external pressure. When
done right, clubs like this provide motivation and stakes for us to finish our
	The project we are working on this week is an underactuated biped
	The first week of Control Systems Club will revolve around a set of
reading assignments so that all members can brought up to the same level of
technical competency.
	Introduction to Linear Algebra
	Non-linear Control for Underactuated Mechanical Systems

	In terms of organization, we will have meetings every week for planning,
then assign the job of designing various parts of our system to each member to
complete on their own schedule. Strong expectations are put in place for them to
complete their tasks with good documentation.

To apply, ask me for a form in person.