Making This Site                                                      11-13-2017
So you've stumbled on this ugly looking site and are wondering what the hell it
is? Well I'll have you know that it looks like this on purpose! This a static
site where the main content is text and the occasional picture, any styling I
put on here is just bloat. It makes no sense to serve 1 megabyte pages just to
deliver a couple kilobytes of text. After some experimentation I've decided to
make this site as close to plaintext as possible.

So how does this all work? Well first of all I'm not hosting this by myself,
I'm using github.io to host this. Everything you see on this site comes from
a git repo found here: https://github.com/knolax/hairydiode.
This has some limitations however, with the way my domain registrar is set up,
this site can't be HTTPS(or I haven't figured out how yet); and since github
isn't exactly a CDN, image loading is a little slow.

So how do I acheive this "wonderful" web-brutalist asthetic? Well to start off
I write the pages in cont/. What I write is for the most part plaintext, with
the exception of links and images. Then I run a script 《gen.sh》that appends
headers and footers to what I write to make it an acceptable HTML page. The
results are put in the root directory of the repo, and served up to you by
github's servers when I push my changes.