Moving This Site                                                       6-26-2018
So I've recently just moved this site away from github to my own VPS, as well as
all my git repos.

For those of you that are new, you'll notice that this site is entirely static
and all the pages are basically glorified text files. THat's the point, Text is
main content of this site and I don't want to serve bloated multi-megabyte files
just to deliver that. The fanciest thing I have on this site is a custom font
for Iokalant.

If you want to put a name to this style, call it web brutalist.

The way the site works now is this:

-I setup a bare git repo on my VPS containing the hairydiode git repo
-In the post-receive hook of the repo it checks out the repository to
-Apache2 is setup to serve those files
-The 'rewrite' module allowing me to remove the .html extensions from files, cgit
 allows me to show my git repos in a web interface and I get my ssl certificates
 from Let's Encrypt, whose certbot takes care of setting up https on the apache

It's a standard setup and if you want to read about it else where see the guide
from Digital Ocean on Git Deployment, and Setting Up Apache. Also This Guide
for setting up a git server.

Some Caveats:
-If you're cloning a repository from somewhere else make sure:
  --That the repository is chowned to the user 'git'
  --Make sure the repository is bare. To do this, simply replace the folder
containing the repo with the .git folder beneath it, then type:

$ git config --bool core.bare true

  to tell git that the repo is now bare.

-Make sure that the 'git' user has permisions to the deploy repository

-When enabling cgit, make sure to enable cgi with:

$ a2enmod cgi

-When making any change to apache2, make sure to restart it with:

$ systemctl restart apache2