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masterMade it less cringeyHaoran S. Diao4 years
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2019-06-05Made it less cringeyHEADmasterHaoran S. Diao
2019-05-05Changed colorscheme to something more accessibleHaoran S. Diao
2019-05-03Removed Matrix from homepage and added notice that my synapse has been takenHaoran S. Diao
2019-03-17fixed up index.htmlHaoran S. Diao
2019-03-17updated mit page, added page on new matrix homeserverHaoran S. Diao
2019-03-09added page for MIT countdown clockHaoran S. Diao
2019-02-13added gitignoreHaoran S. Diao
2019-02-13Fixed key pageHaoran S. Diao
2019-02-07Added link to systemd unit file tutorialHaoran S. Diao
2019-02-07Fixed a typoHaoran S. Diao