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masteradded stl files for buddyHaoran S. Diao3 years
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2019-04-16added stl files for buddyHEADmasterHaoran S. Diao
2019-04-14added parakoimomenosHaoran S. Diao
2019-04-13more templates, in black & white and in colorHaoran S. Diao
2019-04-13added actual installationHaoran S. Diao
2019-04-13removed redundant rs232 filesHaoran S. Diao
2019-04-13Implemented communication w/ Arduino via rs232Haoran S. Diao
2019-04-13added READMEHaoran S. Diao
2019-04-13added RS-232 Library, also covered by the GPLHaoran S. Diao
2019-04-13added licenseHaoran S. Diao
2019-04-13initial commitHaoran S. Diao