Control-Systems-Club.gitShared Repository for Control Systems Club Git7 months
ROBOARM.gitReally old backup of the controller client for an Arduino based robot arm, uses ...Git7 months
UEPSP.gitRepository for the Urbana Electronics and Programming Summer Program Website Git7 months
dotfiles.gitVarious Configuration Files and Scripts of mine Git12 days
gfx.gitSDL helper library Git7 months
glgfx.gitOpenGl Graphics Library, requires the 'gfx' SDL graphics library Git7 months
hairydiodeUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Git3 weeks
i3lock-img.gitFork of i3lock that allows for images to be used in place of the ugly circle Git7 months
iokalant-packages.gitSoftware packages for the Iokalant Writing System Git7 months
letters.gitSimple Golang Program to Generate Ascii Art Lettering In the vein of: Git7 months
mandelgen.gitVery old python script for generating the mandelbrot set by brute force. Git7 months
multifinch.gitModification of the finch library that allows for multiple finches Git7 months
opencv.gitExperiments in OpenCV for recognizing colored whiffle balls Git7 months
repl.gitsimple program for superimposing one utf8 plaintext file on another. Git6 weeks
sched.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Git3 months
ship.gitbattleship game written in C++ w/ SDl Git7 months
skey.gitLinux Kernel Module for the Keyboard of the Omnicom Git7 months
turtle.gitSimple C library that implements an Ncurses "turtle" for teaching C Git7 months
wsim.gitA cross between cellular automata and a 4X game with no player. Right now contai...Git7 months