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masterfixed a typoroot3 years
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2019-02-11fixed a typoHEADmasterroot
2019-02-11added exit to -d modeHaoran S. Diao
2019-02-11fixed typoHaoran S. Diao
2019-02-11added description editing featureHaoran S. Diao
2019-02-11Since the repo is bare on the server, this description file does nothingHaoran S. Diao
2019-02-11added Makefile to install/uninstall the scriptxHaoran S. Diao
2019-02-11added description file for cgirHaoran S. Diao
2019-02-11added README fieHaoran S. Diao
2019-02-11Added user and server argument to client scriptHaoran S. Diao
2019-02-11initial commitHaoran S. Diao