BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debugadded keycode register, this is why the keyevents weren't being read`knolax5 years
masterchanged tick rate of update thread for testing purposesknolax5 years
reversehave the special keys switch also update KEYSTATE_PHYS. that was likely the c...knolax5 years
threadactually added the pinsknolax5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-12-19changed tick rate of update thread for testing purposesHEADmasterknolax
2017-12-19added target in maekfile for making the dtboknolax
2017-12-19actually added the pinsthreadknolax
2017-12-19added device tree overlay to make pins pull down`knolax
2017-12-13reenabled gpio testingknolax
2017-12-13confirmed that adding the metadata allows X11 to autodetect skey_devknolax
2017-12-13removed __initdata from all the variables because none of them are actually o...knolax
2017-12-13added more metadata to skey_dev, also added __initdata to some variablesknolax
2017-12-08fixed a typo, has it emmit capslock every secondknolax
2017-12-08added code to register a device with input.hknolax